Crispin Flower

James coached me in 2020 by setting weekly programmes of running, supported by strength and mobility exercises. He expertly tailored the programme to my personal needs, taking account of my history of repeated injuries. The structure this provided, and the support from James, helped me rediscover some of my old form and motivation.”

Helen Brown

James’s coaching programme enabled me to do what I didn’t think was possible- break the women’s record for the South Wales Traverse. Although i had a lot of experience as a self-coached competitive fell racer, I was not able to transfer what I knew to ultra-distances. James provided a structured overview of the whole programme, with weekly detailed schedules, so I could always see where I was in the bigger picture. Each session was accompanied by clear instructions, and more importantly the reasons for doing it. This helped my motivation, as did the regular check-ins on video calls, and it also curbed my tendency to overtrain. 
Whatever your goals and ability, what you will get from James’s coaching is clear direction, support and evidence-based training plans to fit into your lifestyle. You can trust him to have it all worked out for you- all you have to do then is run.